Dealing with school can suck!

but with the right tools, you can make a successful start to the year!
Thats why I’ve put together a list of my top 7 things to help you have a positive relationship with your school.

About Me

I’m a Mumma of 2 gorgeous boys, wife to an amazing husband. I’m the P&C President of the Primary school and we have a cat. I’m also a daughter, sister, friend and business owner.

Sounds like life should be amazing, doesn’t it? 

Whilst it is so much better now, I have walked the dark hallways of school trauma, multiple suspensions, restraining of my child, negotiating every step of the way and never giving up on my kids or the system that I believe has the potential to provide the support my kids deserve. 

This is for you if:

Losing sleep

You wake up through the night and your first thought is dread. Dread at having to have yet another conversation about your child's behaviour with the school

Dreaming about school

You find yourself dreaming about school and how you are going to handle tough conversations. Admittedly, some of these dreams end with you punching the Principal.

If Only

You know that if only the school took on board what you are talking about, that it would make it easier for them and your child!

Something needs to change

You know that you can't have a year as challenging as the last one if anyone is to survive.

It's got to get better


When you have children with additional needs, you want the school to be on your side.
You want them to see the triggers, what is going on. This e-book helps you to approach your school in a way that helps you get what you all need.

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Other Supporting resources

Like the personal approach? There is always other ways to work with me.

The Safe Space

Come and join us for a year of support and collaboration in a group setting

the whole package

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