Working with me 1:1

I Deserve Support Sessions

1 hour and a half session, through Zoom or in person (depending wherre in the world you are)

The first 20 or so minutes is getting to know about you and your family and where there are areas of concern. 

We collaboratively talk through the challenges and help navigate a path forward that feels doable and realistic for your family. 

Super helpful if you want to just tackle one issue, need a top up “Kelly” hit, or are not sure whether you are ready to jump into a VIP package just yet. 

Whatever the reason, you know that when you are in this session, you are supported by someone who lives this too, has been there and whilst may not have faced exactly the same situation, understands the feelings underneath to help you through to the next stage. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day

But they were laying bricks every hour

Business Support Pep Talks

So many of the Mumma’s that come to me are in business for themselves, often out of necessity. The life that they lead requires a level of flexibility that is tough to find in the corporate world. 

In a business session, we look at the bottlenecks in your business and work out how we can free-flow these. 

We spend time looking at your overall capacity and what streamlining things we can put into practice to help make things easier. There’s no reason to continue to reinvent the wheel!

This is an hour powerhouse session to get things nutted through with the mentorship of someone who also runs their own business whilst looking after a complex family. 

There is the option to have VA hours offered based on the decisions that come from these sessions. 

Life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans – John Lennon

VIP Mentoring

Would you like someone that you can talk to about life and/or business for the next 8 weeks who really understands what it’s like to juggle a life that includes always having balls in the air, never knowing which one is going to drop?
Would you like to have someone who will help you get on the right track and work out a plan that’s both realistic and doable?
I would absolutely LOVE to help you with these things!
When you are combining Neurodiversity and Business and the Family expectations that come with the holidays, we all know that it is pretty much a recipe for disaster. 

That’s why I feel so passionate about helping you navigate this. 

A VIP support package looks like this. It’s 8 calls that can be used across 3 months. 
We look at what’s going on in your life and in your business. We work out what we are going to tackle first. It doesn’t have to be big. It can be really small.
Then you have time to implement it. And because we know change doesn’t happen in a vacuum, you have access to Messenger support over the 3 months. 
We help you find your confidence again. We make plans and decisions that help to feel like you are in control 
So if it’s time for you to invest in something that’s for you, this might be just the thing. 
The investment is $1000 for 3 months of mentoring, with negotiations available for a payment plan. 

As this is a big investment for both you and me, we start with a call to make sure we are a good fit.