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Registrations open Feb 2024

Oh Mumma

I see you. It’s exhausting loving and caring for these amazing kiddos.  It’s exhausting thinking about advocating at school, integrating the program the psych has given you, the OT recommendations and the speech homework.  And that’s just all the EXTRA stuff!
There’s still life stuff and trying to bring in an income so that you can survive!

Then there’s actually dealing with the meltdowns, challenging behaviours and just ALL OF THE THINGS! 

It’s so tough!! 

And lets not get started on self care.  I don’t know about you, but there’s days where 3 minutes in the shower is the extent of it! 

The lonliness is what I found the hardest. 

Feeling like all the other parents were doing it better, having an easier time, just managing to keep all their ducks in a row. 

I needed a tribe. A Safe Space. 

A tribe of Mumma’s who were experiencing similar things. 

Where we could talk through the wins and the challenges without feeling like our experience was not valid because it was different. 

And in my search, I found there are SO MANY other Mumma’s out there.  Doing the best for their kids.  Feeling isolated.

I knew that it needed to change

Local groups just didn’t cut it. I saw many times where info was shared where it shouldn’t have been. 

Mothers groups didn’t cut it when it was just a slap in the face as their kids exceeded in things that we were still mastering the basics. 

Schools were pushed to their limits already, and were often I knew more than them anyway.

Friendships dropped off as our experience was so vastly different.

Play dates didn’t exist because it would inevitably end in something…. unsavoury… happening.

So I decided I was no longer going to sit on the sidelines. 

I was going to create what I had so sorely wished I’d had during the times when the water was well over my head!

A space where it was safe to talk about real life.

And so… The Safe Space was born.

This is a space where it feels safe to ask the questions you can't ask elsewhere

Is the Safe Space right for me?

The Safe Space is for Mummas who have kiddos that have complex needs. Whether it’s Autism, ADHD, Anxiety or something else, this space is for Mumma’s who love their kids with all their hearts but are finding the journey of raising them tough, and want a place to be honest, and get true support from other people that live this as well. 

Supported by a Mumma with this as her lived experience too, you get honest support. 

So if you are a Mum in Australia who would love some support, and resources to help you find your way forward then please consider this a space just for you. 

What can I expect?

A space where you can find life long friends who know what it's like to journey down this road

Things to check if
this is the right space
for me

This is a space that welcomes everybody. What you would choose might be different to someone elses, and that’s OK!

We all come from different lived experiences, and this is A SAFE SPACE! Some of the content that’s shared might be triggering, and that might be something that you will need to consider. 

You need to have a sense of humour.  It’s how a lot of us get through! 

Do all these things sound OK to you? 
I’d love to have you join!

A supported environment - where you can learn and grow as a person and a parent

What is the investment?

Your commitment is for 1 year. 

You have the choice to pay fortnightly, monthly or annually.

There is  only a small difference between the fortnightly, monthly and annual cost to cover the additional transaction costs 

Annual – $348

Monthly – $29.95 ($359.40)

Fortnightly $14.00 ($364.00)


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Optional Extras

Personal Mentoring

If you would like a monthly check in and chat through some of the issues that are going on with you and your family, then this might be the package for you.
6 months of monthly check ins, with the option for email support in between sessions,
$800 for 6 months support. Payment plan options available.
Only 5 available at any one time.
5 only

VIP Mentoring

If you would like a high touch mentoring option, then this is ideal.
Weekly individual sessions for 3 months
Messenger & email support in between sessions
Option for help with writing documents and emails
We work together to have a plan on how you are going to move forward and accountability and support through that process.
5 only